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“Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.”

– Robert Frost

I love when a single piece of clothing can inspire a whole look and I love it even more when the inspiration is FREE. That was the case with this gorgeous Ruffle Bolero from G Field, which was a recent group gift. The warm pumpkin hue of the fabric just screams “Autumn picture!” and well, who am I to ignore the voices in my head? To be honest, this outfit just kind of came together on it’s own. Once I knew I wanted to wear the bolero, the next logical choice was this beautiful Brown Sequin shirt from !Nayar. The color and design compliments the bolero without being too flashy. Neutral pants were in order and I actually tried these old Journey Tweed Slacks from Elephant Outfitters on, just to see what they’d look like and they worked. The Prestige Boots from Bax are one of my favorites and I knew I’d be able to find a color to match and TADA! Instant outfit full of all kinds of Autumn yuminess.

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The Non Simple Guy (or The Complicated Guy?)

The Non Simple Guy. That’s a good way to describe the man in my life. That’s him above brandishing his big… key. That key is symbolic in a few different ways. You could call it the key to my heart, the key to our new house… Whatever it’s meaning, here’s to never giving up, new beginnings and the non simple guy in my life. Cause sometimes it’s the simple things or in this case the non simple things, that make it all better.

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Autumn in her eyes

I love everything about Autumn. The colors of the leaves on the trees, the crispness of the air, the smell of fireplaces, big comfy sweaters and steaming mugs of tea in my favorite over-sized mug. Did I mention that I love Autumn? Because I do and it’s really no surprise that when Autumn starts poking it’s head around the corner in real life, I want to surround myself with it in Second Life as well.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when my friend Phemie and I were begging our friend Beth to change the sim we live on, to fall. That plan kinda backfired cause she promptly put us to work switching out trees, but the end result was gorgeous. The only problem was, I needed a different house to go with my new Autumn “look.” After looking around for a bit, I ended up getting this house from Nonino that I fell in love with after seeing another friend use it. The simple one room build of the Nonino Covered Porch House with the covered front and back porch was the perfect house to match my new Autumn foliage (there is also a bigger version available). I did mod my house some… like changing the colors of the walls inside and expanding the back porch a bit, but otherwise it was pretty much rez and go. The house also features lockable doors as well as scripted windows and doors with workable blinds.

PS – If you would like to know where something is from and it’s not listed, feel free to leave me a comment or IM me inworld!

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Molto Bene! Cape Cod Skybox

It’s been forever since I blogged here, but I was recently inspired and so here I am! What is this inspiration that made me dust the cobwebs off my blog? A new skybox! Well, not a new one persay and that’s the focus of this post. While there are certainly lots of great new skyboxes and houses out now, sometimes something you already had stuck in the dark corners of your inventory can turn out to be a diamond in disguise. That was the case with this adorable 3 room skybox from Molto Bene! The Cape Cod skybox is the perfect size for people who want something bigger than a 10×10 box but still need to be size and prim conscious. The skybox itself weighs in at 60 prims and the walls and floors of all 3 rooms are color-change which adds that extra bit of personalization. To decorate, I used a combo of some old items that I had along with lots of new goodies from such places as LISP Bazaar and iTuTu. The end result (I hope) is a a bit of shabby chic with some warmth thrown in. The perfect kind of hideaway for cuddling on the couch or hanging with friends!

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There’s a new blog in town and it’s called Paper Dollz! Now, before I go extolling it’s virtues, let me start this post off by saying that this is a joint blog between myself and my homies Aranel Ah, Bethany Heart, Marc Gellner, Phemie Alcott and Rosie Shark. The idea behind the blog is pretty simple but kinda unique if I do say so myself. The goal is to use items that we already have in our inventories to recreate looks from the website and bring those looks to our readers, like with the picture and accompanying post below.

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But that’s not all we’re doing with this blog! We will be selecting one look per week from submissions to our Paper Dollz Flickr group and featuring them on the blog! We also have some cool challenges and contest ideas in the works as well as some designer challenges. So join the Flickr group today and start submitting your own looks! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

PS – Boys or girls… whatever your fashion style is, we want YOU! Just make sure you’re using existing items from your inventory to create your Polyvore based looks. Now ON TO THE FASHION!

It's, I'm in Love!

“In the depths of winter I finally learned
there was in me, an invincible summer.”
-Albert Camus

Summer. Just the word conjures up images of sun-filled days, cool dips in the pool, freshly cut watermelon, cold glasses of lemonade and the SWELTERING HEAT. If you’re like me, you’ll do just about anything to stay cool during summer. Simple white summer frocks do it for me. There’s something about the clean lines and feel of crisp white fabric blowing against my skin on a hot summer day. So when I saw this dress from Oli it was love at first sight. I love the simple cut of the dress as well as the sleeves, which can be worn or not worn if you want a more simple look. I actually wore the dress around (for 2 days!) with no sleeves, but put them on for this blog. I know the moccasins from Naughty aren’t really summer shoes persay, but they looked cute with the dress so I wore them anyway! ‘Cause that’s how I roll.

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It's, I'm in Love!

So it’s not really Friday, it’s Tuesday and honestly? It was NOT love at first sight when I saw these 2 new styles from, but once I tried them on it was! At first I was kind of disappointed in how similar the bangs and front of the style was to some recent styles and the side pony looked kind of funky to me. I almost decided not to try them on, but I figured what was the worst that could happen? Famous last words, huh?

It's, I'm in Love!

Well, after trying them on, I decided liked them. The bangs and pony go well together and the volume on the top and back adds some depth to what might have been an otherwise flat style. Oh and the side pony that I wasn’t sure about? LOVE IT! What makes these styles even better is that the team has released them during their HUGE SALE and these new styles are currently on sale too! Yep! You heard it right! That’s 75L for a color pack and 300L for the fatpack of all colors.

And the moral of this story is? Always try stuff on even if you think you won’t like it, never pass up a sale and The Cure rocks!

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Clem in a Nutshell

"Squint your eyes and look closer
I'm not between you and your ambition
I am a poster girl with no poster
I am 32 flavors and then some
and I'm beyond your peripheral vision
So you might want to turn your head
Cause someday you're going to get hungry
and eat most of the words you just said"

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